At ACTION RV, we pride ourselves in making what seems impossible possible. Our expert techs can do major to minor cosmetic repairs to your trailer or RV. We can also handle all of your maintenance issues quickly and professionally. Check out the gallery photos below to see what Action RV can do for you!

Jayco Eagle Side Swipe Repair

The Walkers brought us a nice challenge this past Winter. While trying to navigate a tight drive way, the side of the trailer struck a fence post, leaving a significant gouge in the fiberglass siding of their Jayco. They were very lucky that the penetration to the interior wall was located just under the shower pan.


We started by removing the bottom aluminum J-wrap and all wall fixtures. We then rebuilt the wall structure, graffed a new piece of Filon skin then proceeded to bond and fuse all of the seams with fiberglass resin and fiber mesh.


After the new Filon was fused, then came the sanding and blending of the surface in prepperation of the new paint blend. The paint blend was perfect and virtually un detectable!


The final task was to install the new aluminum J-wrap and install all of the moldings and fixtures. Another happy camper on the road again!



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Berkshire Nose Cap Refinish

Thanks to Mr. Boyer for giving us the opportunity to upgrade his 2008 Berkshire Motorhome. Mr. Boyer wanted us to refinish the top portion of the nose cap where it was badly weather checked by the intense New Mexico sun. Because most manufacturers do not use a high quality clear coat with UV inhibitors, this is a common problem that we deal with.


While we had the coach, Mr. Boyer also had us upgrade the factory captains seats with luxury Flexsteel units.


We recommended to the owner that we paint the cap with silver rather than the original black in an effort to keep the cap as cool as possible since all of the audio and video components are housed in the overhead cabinet just above the windshield.



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Because we promised Mr. Boyer a repair that would be much better than the average paint and body shop, we also made a diligent effort to remove all of the sealer that was located at the cap/roof seam. The main reason for this was to insure that the new paint would not lift and peel off at the sealant area. As a result of removing the old sealant, we discovered several areas where there were voids in the seam where water was entering the roof. After the new paint was applied we gave the roof seam a new application of Dicor lap sealant.


After removing the old sealant we then sanded all of the effected paint down to the polyester gel coat, then applied 2 coats of epoxy primer, then sanded the primer with fine grit sand paper, applied sealer followed by 3 coats of silver base coat then the protective high gloss clear with 3 coats.


The finished product is both beautiful and durable!

Searcher Side Scrape

This project was brought to us by a family that had borrowed this motor home for a weekend trip and inflicted a little damage. The coach had impacted a wall at the rear as a result of the coaches wide tail swing. The impact scraped a hole in the fiberglass exterior, knocked off the awning arm, scraped the awning canopy, bent the window frame and damaged the rear steel corner cap. We were able to repair the side wall and give the repaired area a nice paint blend along with a new awning.



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Horse Trailer Living Quarters Nose Sheet Replacement

Because Action RV is well known nationally for specializing in aluminum trailer collision repairs, the owner of this Integrity horse trailer asked us to make the repairs on this trailer. replacing exterior sheets on horse trailers is always a labor intensive project because most of these trailers are built in a modular fashion and almost always from the inside out, which makes it very tricky to end up with a flawless repair. Because this trailer has a living quarters in it, that only complicates matters. We first start out by removing all of the exposed fasteners, then work to start peeling the sheet off of the main structural supports which happens to have been bonded with 3M VHB tape.



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Now that the old panel is removed, we start the prep work in making sure that there are no burrs or protrusions that will leave dents in the newly installed nose sheet. One issue that this trailer had from day one when it was first built, was that the original sheet was only held in place at the top roof rail by a 3/8" slot, not the usual 1". This is what allowed the panel to buckle at the top roof rail in several areas, this was a design flaw from the factory that we had to contend with. The solution was to add HD stainless steel rivets to the front area of the nose sheet. We then had the new stainless nose sheet sheared to the exact measurements, prepped and then wrestled into place by several assistants. Once all of the fasteners were installed, the protective covering was removed exposing the highly polished stainless steel sheet, followed up with some caulking and liberal amounts of Windex.

Custom Boat Engine Cover

We were asked if we could replace the original engine cover / cushion on this 1984 Wellcraft boat, we said sure! The plywood decking under the cushions had some rotten wood around the hinge area and was ready to start falling apart the next season. We started by removing the covers from the boat so that we could work to remove the upholstery on the work bench. We were very careful to not damage the original upholstery because the owner knew that it would be impossible to match the vinyl to the rest of the interior.

First we cut the new sections of plywood using the old pieces as templates, then we treated the wood with water repellent and then installed water drain holes near the hinge locations. That was followed up with a finish stain and a polyurethane clear varnish giving the wood a custom classic look. After the foam and the updated upholstery was installed, the motor covers were re-installed back on the boat. Now the owner has an engine cover / cushion that will last another 28 years!



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