At ACTION RV, we pride ourselves in making what seems impossible possible. Our expert techs can do major to minor cosmetic repairs to your trailer or RV. We can also handle all of your maintenance issues quickly and professionally. Check out the gallery photos below to see what Action RV can do for you!

Handicap Lift on Travel Trailer

We installed a special RV handicap lift with wireless remote control on a 2016 Jayco trailer. The installation required special reinforcement due to the lack of structural framing in the wall. We fabricated special aluminum plates that sandwiched the wall and spread the stress over a wide area. The plates were painted to match to look like a factory installation, then installed using stainless steel fasteners and Sika high bond adhesive/sealant. Power for the unit was pulled directly from the house batteries. Now the owner and his elderly parents can all go camping together.



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Merhow rear corner rebuild

The Merhow pictured had it's right rear corner pulled away from the wall as a result of being towed out of a parking lot and the bottom caught on a concrete edge that did not give way. The structure came loose from the wall and was pulled back 4" from the wall. The rear upright corner post was bent and kinked near the tail light. Merhow is no longer in business, so we had to save the post and straighten it so that we could re-use it. After all of the repairs were made, we also added heavy duty structural angle iron and added bogie wheels to prevent this kind of damage in the future.



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Itasca Rear Cap Replacement

The owner of this Itasca caught the rear cap on a fence post and pulled it loose from the left rear side seam. Unfortunately, when it pulled loose it flexed the entire fiberglass cap and produced stress cracks over 80% of the cap. WE ordered a new cap from Itasca and proceeded to replace the cap and then matched the custom graphics on the rear cap.



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ACTION RV's Mobile Store Vending Trailer

This trailer is a project that we took on for ourselves (Action RV). We wanted a trailer to fulfill our commitment to several organizations to provide mobile RV event support.


We needed a 8'X14' trailer that had very specific requirements to suit our needs. We started with a custom built frame then proceeded to finish out the exterior, electrical, lighting, insulation, interior and then a full vinyl wrap to create a traveling bill board.



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Merhow 6 Horse with Living Quarters

This Merhow 6 horse trailer was rear ended in traffic. At first glance it looks like it only received damage to the two rear doors and frame work. Because the trailer is so long (44'), the entire length of frame work and side skin absorbed the energy of the impact.


As a result of this enegy absorbsion, almost 2/3rds of the trailers exterior side sheets buckled and had severed rivets. 21 side sheet panels including the stainless steel nose sheets needed to be replaced. The trailer frame also needed to be inspected for fractures and alignment.




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After the sheets were removed we discovered that the insulation had mold in in it (due to voids in the seams alowing water to enter). Along with mold we also found that mice had been nesting in the walls (mice enter RV's thru the floor and other openings). We replaced all of the insulation with a better quality and higher R factor.


We added extra header reinforcement above the side doors. We then prepped all of the steel frame for superior adhesion of the new bonding agent which secures the new side sheets to the trailer. We also upgraded the sheets from the original .040" thick aluminum to a .063" sheet. We also used stainless steel rivets instead of the original aluminum rivets (aluminum rivets in a steel frame never lasts long).


After all the side sheets were installed, it was time to fabricate new rear doors. Because Merhow was no longer in business we had to fabricate from scratch all new doors. We used extrusions used by another horse trailer manufacture and were able to give this trailer an OEM appearance with heavy duty construction.


As you can see in the photos, the owners now have a trailer that works like new but is now better than it was a new trailer!

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