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New to RV's Systems and Use Orientation Classes

Are you new to RV's and want to know the best practices for RV ownership? When walking through your RV do you think...

"How does all this stuff work?

What do I need to do before l use it?"...if so, this class is for you!


A level 1 RVTI technician will spend up to 3 hours teaching you how to operate the house portion of your RV as well as answer any questions you may have.


We will walk you through all systems;

freshwater, wastewater, propane appliances, 12-volt electrical, 120-volt AC electrical, accessories, awnings, slide rooms, comfort controls and more.


All you need to do is bring us a fully functioning RV, feel free to bring along an extra set of eyes and ears or even record the session if you like.

These classes are a great add on to any of our PDI packages below!

New to RV's Systems and Use Orientation Classes

Pop up trailer or slide in camper

Bumper pull or fifth wheel trailer

Class B or C motorhome

Class A up to 35'

Class A over 35'

Any custom built coach







Lifetime Forever Warranty Annual Inspection

The "Lifetime" warranty that you received when you purchased your RV requires that an annual inspection be performed to keep the warranty active. This inspection will do just that.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Service Packages

As an RV owner you want to have peace of mind when venturing out on a trip knowing that all your house systems are functioning correctly; our PDI service will give you that peace of mind. These packages range from a basic 3-hour overview of the 3 primary systems; water, electrical and propane all the way to a detailed and comprehensive 16-24 hour inspection that includes 230 separate inspections and function tests. Our RVTI trained technicians will make notes of any operation function failures and recommend a course of correction. An estimate will be provided for repairs along with the inspection report, note that no repairs will be made during the inspection.


(This is best suited as a pre-season check up on an RV that you feel is in pretty good shape, this will include a propane leak test)


This is the inspection best suited for a recently purchased pre-owned RV that is new to you.


The works PDI inspection (We perform every item on the original manufacturers RVIA pre delivery inspection sheet, all 230 of them)





Please note that we do not check the motorized chassis, onboard generator or non O.E.M. alterations, modifications, or add-ons unless agreed upon by all parties in writing.

Safety Device Service

Safety device inspections are some of the most often overlooked by RV owners. They are vital to your safety when operating an RV, but only when they are operating correctly, and the equipment has not expired.

D.O.T Safety Inspection

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your RV trailer is following the D.O.T safety regulations with our Safety Inspection. Department of Transportation officials will inspect for compliance if you're pulled over. This is mandatory for all government owned or commercial fleet trailers.

Winterize Packages

Action RV takes great care in winterizing your RV! We use -50-degree non-diluted nontoxic antifreeze and pump it through the entire pressurized water system. We fill all sink and tub traps, as well as the water pump with antifreeze. Any sediment is flushed from the water heater and drained, as well as the freshwater storage tank. We finish the job by wiping out any antifreeze residue from all basins and place the

water heater bypass valves in the "ready to use" position. We leave the water heater drain plug and storage tank plugs out to prevent mold or mildew from growing while in storage.


Come next camping season, we will de-winterize and flush your water system for FREE and give you 15% discount on any supplies purchased at the time of de-winterize!


Please bring us your RV with the waste tanks emptied, clear access to all plumbing components and tell us where the filters are located, thank you! There will be extra charges for thawing your RV if it's already frozen.

Appliance Service

Travel with peace of mind knowing that when you want warmth, the furnace will operate correctly and when you want chilled air, your roof AC is operating at peak performance! We make sure ALL your appliances will work just the way they are supposed to.

De-Winterize and Water System Flush

We take care of getting your fresh water system ready for you to use by carefully flushing all of the antifreeze from the pressurized water lines and testing the integrity of all of the fresh water system components.

Plumbing System Maintenance

Do you have that "rotten egg" smell when you run your water? This service will remove what is causing that foul odor by removing bacteria and mold from the fresh water system and extends the life of your water heater.


All tanks must be emptied prior to service.

Rubber Roof Restore

This service takes a rubber roof that has missed all its required maintenance and adds 5 to 8 years to its life. It virtually guarantees a leak free roof for up to 5 years.

Rubber Roof Protection

In order to maintain the 12-year warranty of you roof manufactures require this service to be preformed every 3 years. This service adds UV protectant and maintains the flexibility in the membrane to help resist stress tears and cuts. 

Trailer Suspension Maintenance

Axle manufactures require that you service your axles every 2 years or 12k miles. More importantly, the braking system is serviced, preventing un-even breaking, possible fires and helps improve stopping distance. 


1200-3500lb Axles


4000-6000lb Axles


7000lb Axles


8000-10000lb Axles

Trailer Axle Beam, Spindle Camber, and Toe Measurement Procedure 

If your tires are wearing in uneven patterns or prematurely failing especially if it is only one tire shows adverse wear, it may be due to a bent axle beam or spindle. All trailer axles leave the factory with 1.50 degrees of positive camber, when the trailer is loaded to capacity the camber reaches .50 to.20 degrees positive camber. The axles are built with zero toe in/toe out. If the trailer has impacted or been forced over an obstruction, or airborne in its history, this could result in a bent axle. We have the equipment to measure all important specifications and provide solutions. 

Correct Track Laser Axle Position Measuring Procedure

If your trailer tows harder than you think it should or your tires are prematurely failing or wearing out; it might be due to the axles not being in alignment with the coupler hitch point. This is often caused by leaf springs that have flattened out and have grown in length causing the axles to move, or the frame of the trailer left the factory out of alignment from day one (yes, that really does happen!) We use the LCI Correct Track equipment to measure the axle position relative to the coupler centerline within .05". If your axles have an unacceptable deviation, Action RV has the expert experience and capabilities to correct the problem. 


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