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To make owning an RV easy for everyone because RVing is supposed to be fun!


Delivering expert results as promised when promised, while providing extraordinary value to our customers by a committed team of experts that will settle for nothing less than the best.

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Packed up, hitched up, and ready to roll

—Action RV makes your trailer or RV roadworthy.

Our driver-friendly services give you confidence that when you pull out of your driveway, you can focus on the destination.

At Action RV, you get more than quality vehicle services. Owner Mark Podeyn will tell you all you need to know about your rig—operating its components, which upgrades boost your comfort and safety, and cost-saving tips. If you want, he'll even explain every part of what's "under the hood."

When your trailer's passed its service checks, you can expect to complete every trip without incident. We prepare your vehicle so you're ready to load family, animals, and gear.


Action RV's Story
Since 1987, Action RV has focused on improving performance of RVs and trailers. We ensure customer satisfaction with the operation of mechanical and electrical systems, along with comfortable driving and hauling.

The business started as Albuquerque Trailer Repair, where Mark worked for his father, starting at the age of 7. “I am mechanically inclined,” says Mark, as a third-generation technician whose father and grandfather were machinists.

In 1987 Mark started Action RV, first opening the shop in southeast Albuquerque, at Utah and Central. After moving to a larger facility, he began selling horse trailers in 1990. "We started building full living quarters, and became New Mexico's first Featherlite dealer. By 1999 we were a top five Exiss and Trails West dealer."

Action RV grew into a 7-acre facility in northeast Albuquerque and added a second store in north Phoenix, Arizona. The company also expanded into handbuilt, specialty interiors for custom government trailers. Action RV is New Mexico's only R.V.I.A. Certified RV Manufacturer.

The economic crisis of 2009 led to downsizing, and Action RV closed its Albuquerque store. But even though the store was no more, Action RV customers wouldn't let the business shut down. They kept asking for service.

Their continued requests inspired Mark to relaunch the business south of Albuquerque in Bosque Farms. "We have 6 large bays for any size coach, and a store with accessories and parts."

The new site focuses on trailer and RV service and repair. “My plan is that anything that touches a trailer or RV, that's what we do,” says Mark.

A Winning Attitude
Action RV backs you up—our goal is your ease of travel. Mark personally inspects every vehicle that goes through the shop. “We deliver exceptional results when promised. I see my job as a service provider is to (1) educate and inform, and (2) deliver a service.”

When you visit Action RV, Mark will ask about your plans for your trailer or RV. He'll explain the work he'll do, and the benefits of his plan. He'll also tell you how long it will take, and when you can expect to pick up your trailer. He says, “If I clearly communicate and inform you about the job, then we're eye to eye. There are no surprises.”

Mark went to school to learn business methodology from Spader Business Management, who offers industry-specific training through its headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Spader organizes industry groups, called the 20 Groups, and Mark was the founding chairman of the trailer industry 20 Group for 2 years. “The group is 20 dealers in the same industry, who meet 3 times a year to share information. They are a very tight family of dealers, and we evaluated each other's businesses.”

About Action RV's 2009 closure, he comments, “My attitude carried me through. A professor told me that the only thing I have control over is my attitude.”

For the future, he adds, “And now I'm going forward with all this knowledge and experience, and applying it to the next chapter.”