At ACTION RV, we pride ourselves in making what seems impossible possible. Our expert techs can do major to minor cosmetic repairs to your trailer or RV. We can also handle all of your maintenance issues quickly and professionally. Check out the gallery photos below to see what Action RV can do for you!

New Floor for US Wildlife Trailer

The US Wildlife has a trailer that they use to take around schools and other venues to educate and inform people of New Mexico's wildlife.


The trailer came originally equipped with a vinyl dot florring that was not properly installed. It was delaminating and wrinkling causing several trip hazards for occupants. The flooring was also hard to clean.


We removed all of the vinyl then we installed new decking because our coating would not adhere to the old decking due to the old adhesive residue left behind. We filled in all of the seams and any imperfections in the wood. We then masked the entire interior and sprayed on the new Scorpion urethane coating.


They now have a nice new floor that is easy to clean, non-slip and much more pleasing color (better than the old black floor).



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New vinyl flooring in an Itasca

The owner of this Itasca travels full time in her RV with her pets. Keeping her motor home clean with all of the pet hair was a big chore for her, so she wanted vinyl flooring through out the coach.


We re-floor RV's the right way!


We moved both slide rooms, toilet, slide room mechanisms, and all seating. Then we removed all of the flooring and prepped the underlay for the new flooring. We installed the new vinyl in one piece so that there would be no seams and no unsightly moldings! We also replaced the carpet in the front cab area, engine cover and entry steps.


The finished product is a very easy to keep clean and durable flooring surface.



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Itasca Front End Damage

This is an older model Itasca that suffered front end damage as a result of hitting a deer. Because of its age, a new front cap was not available, so we had to put all the pieces back together along with making our own head light bucket.


After all the fiberglass work was finished, the customer asked us to apply a Scorpion urethane coating rather than paint the repaired area. The customer was tired of getting rock chips in the paint, so the coating was exactly what he wanted.


The finished product is a very durable repair that looks factory and is very low maintenance.



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Exiss 6 Horse with Damaged Kingpin

The pictures speak for themselves. The EXISS 6 horse trailer went from bad to like it never happened.



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Trails West new spray on urethane roof coating

This is a early 2000's Trails West Sierra horse trailer that has not held up well in the intense New Mexico sun. The roof was leaking from several of the roof seams and a few of the spot welds on the roof.


This project was a perfect candidate for a Scorpion spray on urethane coating. The Scorpion coating is 100% urethane and will resist the torture of intense sunlight and will remain flexible for the life of the product. The product is available in a large array of colors and spray textures including gripper granuals for added traction. The owner of this trailer chose the desert tan color to provide a nice contrast to the maroon body color, and provide better heat reflection than the original color.


We wire wheeled all of the seams, sanded the roof then chemically cleaned the surface in preparation for the new coating. The finished product requires zero maintenance and since it is 100% urethane, it will last a lifetime in intense sun light and remain flexible. The coating also provides a fair amount of acoustic noise dampening that the horses will like.



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