Pre-season Tire Special

Take advantage of this once a year pre-season trailer tire special and save up to 25% on the purchase of new trailer tires. Action RV now stocks all of the most popular sizes of the special "ST" trailer tires. 205-75 R14 tires are now only $59.95 each! In case you have not been informed, trailer tires have a shelf life of only 6 years, that means that every 5-6 years you need to replace the tires on your trailer, no matter how much tread you have left! Every year we repair a large number of trailers that have experienced a tire failure, usually causing thousands of dollars in damages. Make an appointment today for a new set of tires before you hit the road this spring. If you are not sure how old your tires are, or can not read the date code on your tires, we are happy to do it for you!

RV Winter use Tips


Tips for RV and Living Quarters owners that want to use their rigs thru the winter. Now that we have had the first hard freeze of the season, we wanted to share some winter use tips with you.
1) Always keep the interior of the coach heated, you can either use the electric heat option on the air conditioner, the propane furnace or an electric space heater.
2) Open all cabinet doors so that the heat... can get to the water lines and leave the faucets in the open position just in case of a power failure or you run out of propane.
3) Drain the water heater in between outings. Because there is minimal insulation to protect the water heater from the exterior weather, it is prone to freezing eventhough you have the interior heated.
4) Make sure your waste tanks are empty in between outings. If you are using the coach in sub freezing temperatures, you can pour some non-toxic antifreeze in the tanks or you can have a 12 volt heating blanket installed on the tanks.
If you have any questions about these tips or are in need of winterizing supplies/services,
please call us at 505-294-1654 or email us at

Winterization Special.

Basic Winterize $ 99.95* Includes up to 2 gallons of non-toxic -50 degree antifreeze and FREE roof inspection.

  • Standard winterize includes pumping antifreeze through entire pressurized RV water system with a water heater by-pass, all drain p-traps, and water pump inlet. A free de-winterization and fresh water system flush in the spring.
  • *Non Standard includes the following options: Clothes washer, fridge ice maker, any water filtration systems, non by-passed water heater and radiant hot water heat systems. Please call for an individualized quote if your RV contains any of the above named options.

FREE Roof Seal Inspection.

Let us inspect your roof seal, roof penetrations and all roof mounted equipment for any cracks or damage. Then bring it in during the winter to have us professionally reseal it for next year.

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