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At ACTION RV, we pride ouselves in making what seems impossible possible. Our expert techs can do major to minor cosmetic repairs to your trailer or RV. We can also handle all of your maintenance issues quickly and professionally. Check out the gallery photos below to see what Action RV can do for you!

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Berkshire Nose Cap Refinish

Thanks to Mr. Boyer for giving us the opportunity to upgrade his 2008 Berkshire Motorhome. Mr. Boyer wanted us to refinish the top portion of the nose cap where it was badly weather checked by the intense New Mexico sun. Because most manufacturers do not use a high quality clear coat with UV inhibitors, this is a common problem that we deal with.

While we had the coach, Mr. Boyer also had us upgrade the factory captains seats with luxury Flexsteel units.

We recommended to the owner that we paint the cap with silver rather than the original black in an effort to keep the cap as cool as possible since all of the audio and video components are housed in the overhead cabinet just above the windshield.

Because we promissed Mr. Boyer a repair that would be much better than the average paint and body shop, we also made a diligent effort to remove all of the sealer that was located at the cap/roof seam. The main reason for this was to insure that the new paint would not lift and peel off at the sealant area. As a result of removing the old sealant, we discovered several areas where there were voids in the seam where water was entering the roof. After the new paint was applied we gave the roof seam a new application of Dicor lap sealant.

After removing the old sealant we then sanded all of the effected paint down to the polyester gel coat, then applied 2 coats of epoxy primer, then sanded the primer with fine grit sand paper, applied sealer followed by 3 coats of silver base coat then the protective high gloss clear with 3 coats.

The finished product is both beautiful and durable!






Featherlite 6 Horse Trainer Trailer

This is a good picture showing the effects of a special Aluminum Brightening Wash. As you can see, the washed area shines brightly just as it did when it was new. The wash will not harm glass, vinyl graphics, painted striping or chrome. Call us to schedule a Aluminum Brightening wash for your trailer today.

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