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Correct Track Service at ACTION RV provides a safe and easy way to correct a misaligned trailer suspension system. Misaligned axles and suspension are caused by lateral, unbalanced weight. When the RV foundation is assembled, the bulk of the weight of the coach has not yet been placed on the axles and chassis. Slide-out rooms, appliances and cargo added by the consumer can cause un-lateralSee Our Workunbalance within the coach.

Misalignment can also be a result of a trailer manufactured with the center of the coupler not placed with equal distance to both sides of the axles or axles that are not parallel to each other. Resulting in a trailer that is being towed diagonally. Correct Track, when properly used, can help align the coach's suspension and provide a smoother ride and can help prevent premature tire wear.

How is Correct Track Installed

ACTION RV offers a easy-to-install, bolt-on or weld on Correct Track kit designed specifically for aftermarket installations. There are single, tandem and triple axle kits. Correct Track can be installed by ACTION RV who is a Authorized Correct Track Service Center.

How Does Correct Track Work

See Our WorkThe Correct Track hanger adjusts the axle alignment by ¼” increments. When Correct Track owners bring their trailer into the Action RV service center, a service technician will measure the alignment with the Correct Track laser alignment tool. After the measurements are recorded, the service technician can adjust the Correct Track hanger by ¼” increments in order to properly align the suspension.

Value To Our Customers

See Our WorkAs an authorized Correct Track Service Center, Action RV offers customers a value added service. Routine safety and alignment checks give customers the peace of mind they need when traveling. Action RV also offers a multitude of lifestyle enhancing products that are available in our attractive parts store.

Quick Facts
  • Tires run smoother and cooler
  • Can improve fuel economy
  • Can help preserve the life of the RVs equipment, appliances, etc
  • Dramatically improves tire life
  • With Correct Track, the trailer tows with the tow vehicle, not against it
Questios and Answers

Q: What can happen if I tow my misaligned trailer?

A: Misaligned suspension can cause uneven tire wear, which may cause tire issues. A misaligned trailer also causes excessive vibration throughout the entire coach, which creates premature wear on everything from appliances, to electronics and fasteners.

Q: How does Correct Track fix these issues?

A: Correct Track bolts on to your existing spring axle hangers. Using our laser alignment tool, Action RV, a certified LCI Safety and Alignment center can measure the suspension alignment, and then make the necessary adjustment with the patent-pending alignment plate. Each click of the plate adjusts the suspension 1/4-inch.

Q: Can my rubber torsion axles be aligned?

A: Yes, Action RV can remove and reposition rubber torsion axles on most trailers.

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Trailer Tire Applications
  • Trailer tires are designed for use on trailer axle positions only. They are not built to handle the loads applied to, or the traction required by, drive or steering axles.
Inflation Tips
  • Always inflate trailer tires to the maximum inflation indicated on the sidewall.
  • Check inflation when the tires are cool and have not been exposed to the sun.
  • If the tires are hot to the touch from operation, add three psi to the max inflation.
  • Under inflation is the number one cause of trailer tire failure.
Load Carrying Capacity

Expert Results Since 1987

  • All tires must be identical in size for the tires to properly manage the weight of the trailer.
  • The combined capacity of the tires must equal or exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the axle.
  • The combined capacity of all of the tires should exceed the loaded trailer weight by 20 percent.
  • If the actual weight is not available, use the trailer GVW. If a tire fails on a tandem axle trailer, you should replace both tires on that side. The remaining tire is likely to have been subjected to excessive loading.
  • If the tires are replaced with tires of larger diameter, the tongue height may need to be adjusted to maintain proper weight distribution.

Watch Your Speed
  • All "ST" tires have a maximum speed rating of 65 mph.
  • As heat builds up, the tire's structure starts to disintegrate and weaken.
  • The load carrying capacity gradually decreases as the heat and stresses generated by higher speed increases.
Time Can Be A Factor
  • Time and the elements weaken a trailer tire.
  • In approximately three years, roughly one-third of the tire's strength is gone.
  • Three to five years is the projected life of a normal trailer tire.
  • It is suggested that trailer tires be replaced after three to four years of service regardless of tread depth or tire appearance.
Milage Counts
  • Trailer tires are not designed to wear out.
  • The life of a trailer tire is limited by time and duty cycles.
  • The mileage expectation of a trailer tire is 5,000 to 12,000 miles.
Why Use An ST Tire?
  • "ST" tires feature materials and construction to meet the higher load requirements and demands of trailering.
  • The polyester cords are bigger than they would be for a comparable "P" or "LT" tire.
  • The steel cords have a larger diameter and greater tensile strength to meet the additional load requirements.
  • "ST" tire rubber compounds contain more chemicals to resist weather and ozone cracking.
Helpful Storage Tips
  • The ideal storage for trailer tires is in a cool, dark garage at maximum inflation.
  • Use tire covers to protect the tires from direct sunlight.
  • Use thin plywood sections between the tire and the pavement.
  • For long term storage, put the trailer on blocks to take the weight off the tires. Then lower the air pressure and cover the tires to protect them from direct sunlight.
Maintaining Your Tires
  • Clean the tires using mild soap and water.
  • Do not use tire-care products containing alcohol or petroleum distillates.
  • Inspect the tires for any cuts, snags, bulges or punctures.
  • Check the inflation before towing and again before the return trip.
Keys To Avoiding Trouble
  • Make sure your rig is equipped with the proper tires.
  • Maintain the tires meticulously.
  • Replace trailer tires every three to five years, whether they look like they're worn out or not.
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