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The house batteries keep going dead when I am storing my motor home. Why?

If you have an LP detector, or a carbon monoxide detector it will draw down the batteries and they are not “user disconnectable”. A 12volt stereo with preset stations or clock memory could be draining the batteries. If it is either of these scenarios then a battery disconnect switch to disconnect the batteries from the coach can be installed, or a 5 watt solar panel can be installed and directly connected to the coach batteries. There are some other scenarios that are easily fixed, check all closet doors with interior lights to make sure the doors are closed completely so the lights turn off. If you have a refrigerator that has a de-humidifier option and it has been left on that will drain the house batteries as well. Also check to see if there is a security system that may be connected to the house battery. You may want to connect it to the engine battery if there is one.

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