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My air conditioner was cooling fine and is now blowing hot air. What can I check at home before I make an appointment?

First, are you using an extension cord between the RV and electrical power source? If so is it rated for 30 Amps? If it is not rated for 30 Amps, it may be restricting power to the AC, which can cause short cycling of the compressor. Check that the extension cord you are using is plugged in properly and that there is power going through it. If you are not using an extension cord and are plugged directly into the power source, make sure that the electrical adapter you are using is not corroded or melted. This can cause a problem if the adapter is melted, or corroded. We recommend a good quality molded adapter. If the power source is not the problem check the return air filter to make sure it is clean and debris/lint free. Next check the evaporative coils (the coils that get cold) and make sure that they are debris/lint free. Then check the condenser coil fins to make sure that they have not been hammered shut by hail or tree branches, and that they too are debris free. Check to see how cold the unit is actually blowing by placing a thermometer in the return air vent and one in the cold air discharge to see the difference in temperature. It should be approximately 22 degrees difference in temp.

If all of these items check out and are in good working order, then it is time to get a certified technician involved to diagnose the problem.

The refrigerator in my RV is not cooling as well as I think it should. Do you have any suggestions of what may be causing it to not work properly?

First determine whether or not your refrigerator is not working on all or just one mode. For instance does it work when plugged in to 120 volts, or only on propane, (if it is working on only one mode then you will need to get your RV into a certified service center for diagnostics). If it seems to cool the same on all modes, then make sure that the refrigerator is level while operating. This is absolutely crucial for proper cooling and a long life for the fridge. Check all door seals are clean and making 360 degrees of contact. Make sure that there are no obstructions to the exterior vent. Make sure that at least 12volts of power are being provided to the fridge. Finally check the roof top fridge vent to make sure it is unobstructed from items such as bird’s nests, and tree debris. If all of these items seem to be good, it is time to get the fridge to a certified service center for further diagnosis.

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